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StrayaGuide isn’t just a guide: it’s a passion. Come here for planning your Australia trips.

Strayaguide’s mission

StrayaGuide tells the colorful story about Australia. This massive beauty Down Under has so much on offer, yet accessing its most magical spots isn’t always so straightforward.

At 7 692 024 km2, Australia is the world’s sixth largest country. Including lush rainforests, stunning beaches, vibrating cities, unmatched reefs and the untamed outback, Australia’s treasures are often spread out several hours — by airplane — away from each other.

Navigating such a huge land mass might feel overwhelming. Although there’s an abundance of information flowing around out there, it could be frustratingly hard to find what you really need.

But not if you use StrayaGuide for planning your trips around Australia. With our guides, you say g’day to all those jaw-dropping Australian destinations the way locals do.