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Where the red desert meets the Indian Ocean, Broome boasts a setting that on its own is a top-class attraction. Yet that mesmerizing backdrop is just the start; for such an isolated city, on the north coast of Western Australia, Broome presents an impressive array of things to do.

From tracing dinosaurs to camel riding, the best things to do in Broome are bucket list-worthy experiences. Build your own magical itinerary with these enchanting Broome activities.

1. Trace Gantheaume Point dinosaurs

Once, 140 million or so years ago, dinosaurs roamed what today is Broome. Scattered between Gantheaume Point and James Price Point, more than 21 types of dinosaur tracks have been identified around Broome.

Make acquaintance with ancient reptile species including sauropods, ornithopods and stegosaurus. The incredible variation but also quantity, there are thousands of verified tracks, puts the Broome collection of dinosaur tracks as one of the most impressive in the world.

On the hunt for dinosaur tracks at Gantheaume Point in Broome, Western Australia
On the hunt for dinosaurs in Broome.

2. Count birds at Broome Bird Observatory

Bird lovers, unite! Set among singing birds, Broome Bird Observatory takes birdwatching to a whole new level.

The diversity on offer is awe-inspiring: Roebuck Bay’s tidal flats are essential feeding ground for migratory shorebirds; mangrove, plain and lake habitats are other feathered wildlife hot spots.

Over 300 bird species, including the rare yellow chat and red-headed honeyeater, have been spotted at the research and education facility.

What about a hopping bonus feature? While counting birds at Broome Bird Observatory, you might also encounter flocks of wallabies — what a paradise for nature lovers.

3. Kick back on Cable Beach

Broome’s Cable Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Australia. Here, the red outback collides with white sand dunes. The contrasting result, hard to fully credit if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, is a natural masterpiece.

Some Broome visitors come to hang out on the soft shoreline, while others prefer to take in the scenery from Cable Beach’s red cliffs, where you also find delightful restaurants.

How about a meal or drink with an iconic Australian view?

Broome's wide Cable Beach at sunset, Western Australia
Kick back on Cable Beach.

4. Watch movies under the stars

There are cinemas, and then there’s Sun Pictures in Broome. A recurring social event since its opening in December 9th 1916, this is the world’s oldest open-air cinema still in operation.

Its very early-day movies were silent, but since 1933 there’s sound.

So just sit back and enjoy modern Hollywood movies on Broome’s historically unmatched screen. One thing is certain: you won’t miss everyday Netflix when you visit Sun Pictures on your holiday to Broome.

5. Learn Broome’s story

Long after the dinosaurs, the Broome we know today started out as a centre for Australia’s pearling industry. Learn about its pearling background, going back to the 1880s, and everything else there’s to know about the city’s history at Broome Historical Society & Museum.

Did you know that a diamond fortune mysteriously disappeared north of Broome during World War II? Telling Broome’s story in colourful fashion, the museum is highly engaging — you don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy this one.

Entrance to Broome Historical Museum, Western Australia
Uncover Broome’s history.

6. Climb to the moon

A natural Kimberley phenomenon that too many Broome visitors miss out on due to its rarity, it only happens 2-3 nights a month from March to October, is the Staircase to the Moon. This is a remarkable optical illusion of a soaring staircase, created by the full moon rising over Roebuck Bay’s naked tidal flats.

You need to see it to believe it!

Town Beach, where night markets complement the event at select dates, is a popular Broome spot to, at least in your mind, climb the Staircase to the Moon. Alternatively, stay at the Mangrove Hotel and take in Mother Nature’s spectacle from the comfort of your own balcony.

7. Tour a pearl farm

Already in the 1880s, Roebuck Bay was swarmed by hundreds of luggers searching for glittering pearls. Although the business has evolved over the years, Broome’s waters still produces some of the most treasured pearls in the world.

To learn all there’s to know about pearling, travel the 38 km north to Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Offering educational tours, Willie Creek soon makes you feel like a real pearling pro.

Beware: It’s (too) easy to break the bank in the showroom.

Or, join a tour at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, perched on the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, 2.5 hours from Broome. Because of the isolation, consider staying overnight at the farm.

If you are lucky enough to find a pearl during your Broome vacation, hope for it to have a nice combo of size, shape, colour, complexion and lustre — the five virtues of pearls.

Guided tour at Willie Creek Pearl Farm in Broome, Western Australia
Do you know what makes up a valuable pearl?

8. Marvel at hungry crocs

What’s more fearsome than a giant salt water crocodile at close range? These beasts, some reach a whopping length of 20 feet (6 m), are best enjoyed from a distance, most of the time.

But at Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, you get up close to the huge Australian creatures.

During daily feeding shows, a fence is all that separates you from them — or put differently: life from death. This exciting Broome experience makes both young and old jaws drop.

9. Sample beer at Matso’s Brewery

Australia’s most remote micro-brewery, Matso’s Brewery peacefully overlooks the undulating Roebuck Bay. The combo of blue views and great flavors has made this a Broome institution.

For the best experience, order a tasting paddle and try to pick a favorite. The established ginger beer is highly rated, but there’s also a refreshing selection of specials.

If you’re hungry, Matso’s Brewery serves a complementing range of friendly food. However, it’s, of course, the unique brews that are the Broome gem’s biggest lure.

Can’t call a winner between the beers? What a shame, you’ll have to return to Matso’s Brewery for another round of sampling.

10. Ride camel into the sunset

Golden sunsets over the Indian Ocean are always spectacular. But on the back of a camel, the experience gets even more memorable. As Broome’s day approaches night, dutiful camel trains depart at Cable Beach.

Trace the coastline while you watch the sun slowly sink into the Indian Ocean. When the magical show is over, unfortunately it has to end, you arrive back at the camel station full of spirit.

Camel train on Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia
Camel train on Broome’s Cable Beach.

Tips for visiting Broome

Many visitors don’t know that Broome’s dinosaur tracks only are visible at certain times, while others underestimate the tropical Broome heat.

  • Time the tide – Do you want to look for Broome’s famous dinosaur tracks? Of course you do! But don’t make the same mistake that so many other first-time Broome visitors do. Experiencing major tidal movements, the biggest in the southern hemisphere, most tracks are only visible when the tides are low. Therefore, go at low tides, the lower the better, to best see those world-famous dinosaur footprints.
  • Know the seasons – With sunny skies and less scorching temperatures, the dry season is the overall best time to visit Broome. Still the wet season, although a very different experience and prone to road closures, also can be a magical time in Broome. Just make sure to pick a season aligning with your interests.
  • Beat the heat – As a tropical Western Australia city, Broome is hot no matter when you visit. But to beat the heat, drink a lot of water and avoid outdoor activities around midday.
  • Picnic to the moon – The Staircase to the Moon phenomenon, occurring from March to October, is a unique Kimberley happening. To elevate the event even further, pack your favorite blanket, cold drinks and tasty snacks, making it the most glorious picnic. Picnicking to the moon is even better than climbing to the moon.
Strayaguide's Marie standing during high tide at Gantheaume Point in Broome, Western Australia
Marie tracing dinosaurs at Gantheaume Point.

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