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Depart for Melbourne between December and February to enjoy a city in full swing (literally) and its warmest weather. The only downside: Peak prices. Early autumn and late spring mean lower travel rates and are easily tackled with an extra layer.


Although the temperatures drop slowly but surely, Melbourne frequently sees days with highs in the low 20s well into April. Explore culture during foggy mornings, and reserve balmy afternoons for catching some rays, perhaps beachside in vibrating St Kilda or quieter Williamstown. Enter the Royal Botanic Gardens for an explosion of autumn colours, making Melbourne feel more European than ever.


Forget the beach now. Cooler weather makes strolling through Melbourne’s sheltered laneways with a coffee in hand and hitting the museums, like the renowned National Gallery of Victoria and The Ian Potter Centre, chief pleasures. Don’t worry, though: Snow is highly unlikely if you don’t plan on visiting Victoria’s High Country.


There are clear advantages to visiting Melbourne in spring: The temperatures start approaching the low 20s again, the gardens return to life with blooming flowers and knowing you scored a great deal on accommodation can alone go a long way to making you feel warm. Still, the weather shows its most unpredictable side in spring. October is the wettest month of the year, so we highly suggest packing an umbrella.


Melbourne’s summer means sunny days in the mid-20s, with a handful of hot spells when the mercury hits the roof. You’ll find the arcades in the CBD, beaches on the Mornington Peninsula and overlooks of the Great Ocean Road bubbling with enthusiasm. The atmosphere peaks in January during the Australian Open, a festive event attracting tennis fans and celebrities from across the planet. While it’s fun and all, keep in mind that it drives up prices — target February to dodge both the tennis maniacs and school holidays.

Average weather in Melbourne

MonthHigh (°C)Low (°C)Rain (mm)Wet days
Source: Bureau of Meteorology.

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