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Put on your sunnies and soak up the best of Perth on this ultimate 4-day itinerary, taking you to the heart of Western Australia’s capital. Beyond Perth’s booming city centre brimming with ambition, enjoy the gorgeous coastal landscape (dotted with beach bums and surfers) and plunge into some of Australia’s most fascinating history.


  • Fall in love with Western Australia and its soft beaches
  • Immerse yourself in Perth CBD and the port town of Fremantle
  • Take the day trip of day trips to Rottnest Island

Quick facts

  • Time: 4 days
  • Distance: 120 km (75 mi)
  • Transport: Car & boat
  • Price: $$

Day 1: Background and beaches


Begin your Perth visit by exploring what it really means to be Western Australian. WA Museum Boola Bardip features exhibits about the state’s landscape, people and bigger-perspective role. If you’re interested in art, allow some time for the adjoining institutions of Perth Cultural Center, including the Art Gallery of WA. For lunch or ice cream, discover the nice selection of eateries in the adjacent Northbridge neighborhood.


What’s more Western Australian than spending an afternoon on the beach? Drive 20 minutes to Cottesloe Beach, an icon known for its gorgeous opportunities for sunbaking, snorkelling and surfing. While surfers appreciate the constant swell, a fringing reef offers protection for human visitors and marine wildlife alike. Look for the rare leafy sea dragon as you frolic in the water; then cuddle up on a towel and watch the sun slowly sink into the Indian Ocean.

The sugar-white Cottesloe Beach framed by a calm Indian Ocean
There’s nothing not to like about Cottesloe Beach.

Day 2: Crown jewels of Perth


Rise and shine; The Perth Mint, having refined precious metals since the late 1890s, awaits. Join the Perth Mint Gold Tour to hear colourful stories about the mint, browse its shiny collection — including the unthinkably big Australian Kangaroo — and be mesmerised by a live gold pouring demonstration. Next, head to the rising Bell Tower, home to the 18 Swan Bells of which 12 can be traced to before the 14th century. While the breathtaking perspective of Perth’s cityscape alone motivates a visit, sign up for the Bell Tower Experience to give bell chiming a go. When hunger calls, you’re at exactly the right place. Sit down for a bite admiring lovely Swan River views. One of many options, the Amano knows all about blending Italian and Western Australian flavors.


Embrace the greenest and proudest 400 acres of Perth, the one-of-a-kind Kings Park. Here, smell flowers in the botanic garden, encompassing more than 3000 species of flora. Then lace up your hiking boots and explore Kings Park’s extensive trail system taking the Australian bush to the heart of Perth. Make sure to bring your camera: Kings Park faces Swan River and Perth CBD, boasting more than a few jaw-dropping vistas.

Day 3: History-jammed Fremantle


Take a leisurely boat ride or 30-minute drive to Fremantle, lying where Swan River flows into the Indian Ocean. Your entire morning is reserved for a captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fremantle Prison. Choose from a smorgasbord of departures; the Convict Prison, Behind Bars and True Crime are engaging tours that most visitors fall for, while the Tunnels Tour and Torchlight Tour (only in the evening) are for those who crave for that extra thrill.


Head over to Fremantle’s oceanfront, where WA Shipwreck Museum uncovers fascinating (sometimes disturbing) chapters about ships having learned the hard way just how treacherous Western Australia’s coastline can be. Then, stroll along the adjacent Bathers Beach and soak up the wonderful breezy setting from the 1831 Round House, the state’s oldest public building. Continue strolling for five more minutes until you reach WA Maritime Museum, representing Western Australia’s passion for the ocean.

Day 4: Rottnest Island adventure


All aboard the boat! Recline on a Rottnest Island ferry; services operate from three different locations with varying travel times, Barrack Square (90 minutes), Hillarys Boat Harbor (45 minutes) and Fremantle (30 minutes). As you set foot on Rottnest Island, the Thomson Bay Settlement greets you. If you didn’t bring a picnic, pick up tasty essentials at Rottnest General Store and Rottnest Bakery before renting bikes.


Riding a bike with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair, follow the coastline clockwise and let Rottnest Island do its magic. Marvel at the history of Kingstown Barracks and stop for photos at Henrietta Rocks and Parker Point, offering quintessential Rottnest Island views of turquoise bays and sugar-white sand. Feel that dreamy sand beneath your feet at the nearby Little Salmon Bay, a favorite Rottnest Island spot for lounging, swimming and snorkelling. Then, leave the coastline as you target the white inland 39-m landmark of Wadjemup Lighthouse, where you can join a guide up the 155 stairs to the top of Rottnest Island. Afterwards, you have two main options: Head back to Thomson Bay along Rotto’s northern coast, settling with a 17-km loop; or continue all the way west to Cape Vlamingh, adding another 10 km to the adventure.

You necessarily don’t need to leave Rottnest Island just yet. Check in at Samphire Rottnest to celebrate your gorgeous Perth itinerary with some true barefoot luxury.

Perth itinerary FAQ

How many days is enough in Perth?

The perfect amount of time in Perth depends on your personal preferences. However, four days give you enough time to tick off several of the main sights and visit Rottnest Island.

How can I spend 4 days in Perth?

With four days in Perth, learn the background and lounge on beaches, tour the city centre’s ins and outs, discover Fremantle and take a memorable Rottnest Island trip

How can I spend 3 days in Perth?

If you only have 3 days in Perth, prioritize according to your interests. Some prefer to cut out Rottnest Island, while others rather spend less time touring Perth CBD.

How can I spend 5 days in Perth?

Having five days to spend in Perth is a good position to be in. Follow this ultimate 4-day Perth itinerary, but either enjoy it at a slower pace or add another beach day.

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