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Though Western Australia is home to many storied towns, Broome has a unique exotic appeal. Far away from everything — yes, everything — else, this is a town with fascinating history, glorious stretches of coastline and all the amenities you need to fully recharge. But where to stay in Broome for the best experience?

The Broome peninsula’s small size is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Your two main options for where to stay in Broome are Cable Beach, the peninsula’s west side facing the Indian Ocean, and Broome CBD, the peninsula’s east side fronting Roebuck Bay.

Cable Beach

22 km of soft pleasures, Cable Beach is on its own a great reason to visit Broome. Beach bum or not, no Broome holiday is complete without a Cable Beach visit.

A few miles west of Broome CBD, Cable Beach is a tranquil oasis. Framed by the Indian Ocean on one side and iconic red cliffs on the other, this is a lovely setting for a vacation.

Lounge on the wide beach, or if you prefer to be active, trace the coastline until all crowds are gone.

Then retreat to those enchanting red cliffs of Cable Beach. Up there, an appreciated selection of Broome hotels and restaurants provide one-of-a-kind experiences.

Zanders at Cable Beach overlooks the magnificence of Cable Beach. Come for breakfast, lunch, dinner or refreshing cocktails — this is the best view in Broome, and maybe WA.

As the sun starts to drop over the Indian Ocean, visitors gather along the elevated Cable Beach promenade. Some holidayers relax in the grass; others just gawp at the sunset.

Takeaway: For the beach bum, there isn’t really much of a choice: Cable Beach is Broome’s renowned beach lined by chic hotels and tasty restaurants. If you want a Broome stay on the beach, don’t look past Cable Beach.

Sugar-white Cable Beach, Broome, during low tide against the backdrop of the blue Indian Ocean
Dreamy Cable Beach at low tide.

Recommended Broome hotels in Cable Beach

Seashells Resort

Seashells Resort completes the Broome experience with luxurious self-contained apartments and bungalows. The inviting swimming pool and sun lounge areas make you linger — you might even forget that Cable Beach, a few hundred meters down the road, is the main attraction.

RAC Cable Beach

Do you hunt for more affordable Cable Beach accommodation? Your hard-earned dollars last longer at RAC Cable Beach, boasting self-contained cabins and studios surrounded by palm trees — this is one of the best places to stay in Broome for families on a budget.

Cable Beach Club Resort

For access to Cable Beach, you simply can’t beat Cable Beach Club Resort. Enter a tranquil sanctuary with Broome’s most famous stretch of coastline right across the street.

Bali Hai Resort

How about a Balinese style Broome vacation? It’s hard to imagine something more relaxing than a stay at Bali Hai Resort, providing top amenities for the time you don’t spend on Cable Beach’s white strand.

The Billi Resort

Tropical gardens brimming with green vegetation, this Broome Resort is the definition of an oasis. Although hidden slightly away from the beach (a 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive), the Billi Resort thrives away from the spotlight.

Green grass and exotic palm trees fringing Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia
Visitors getting ready for the Cable Beach sunset.

Broome CBD

Broome is the largest city of the Kimberley region, and Broome CBD is its commercial heart. If you want something else than a beach stay, it’s a great option for where to stay in Broome.

Chinatown, home to an array of shops, cafés and eateries, marks the northern end of Broome CBD. This has been a key Broome enclave since the 1880 when pearling crews set up shop.

To learn about Broome’s history, make your way south to the Town Beach area. Here, Broome Historical Society & Museum adds valuable perspective to your Broome stay.

From the pearling days to World War 2 events, the nicely presented museum covers it all. Thanks to the many artifacts, historic news stories and photos on display, a visit is highly engaging.

Broome is a small city with a big history.

But, this is supposed to be a holiday, right?

With the history lesson done, continue to Roebuck Bay-facing Matso’s Brewery for a different kind of fulfilment. Enjoying salty breezes, this relaxed operation is Australia’s most remote brewery.

Although the tasting paddles is Matso’s number one drawcard (make sure to try the ginger flavour), just the tranquil verandah views makes a visit worth it.

Takeaway: Broome CBD is the area that gives you access to the biggest range of things to do. Pick Broome CBD for where to stay in Broome if you’re not really after a beach stay and prefer something more eclectic than the refined Cable Beach area.

Recommended Broome CBD hotels

Mangrove Hotel

Cable Beach is not the only beautiful waterfront in Broome. At the Mangrove Hotel, you enjoy peaceful Roebuck Bay views. This is the best place to stay in Broome for the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon.

The Courthouse B&B

A refreshing contrast to upscale Broome resorts, the Courthouse B&B provides low-key lodging. Offering homey vibes and good access to Broome attractions, you feel at exactly the right place here.

Pinctada McAlpine House

A historic place to stay in Broome, the Pinctada McAlpine House was built already in 1910. Today, it offers laid-back luxury at its best. Does it get better than history and comfort in one grand package?

Pathway framed by green lawns in Town Beach, Broome CBD
Broome’s Town Beach area.

Unique places to stay near Broome

With the closest bigger cities 2,000 km away (Perth and Darwin), Broome is the definition of a getaway. In this region of Australia, it’s far and few between the places to stay.

Derby, over 200 km and two hours by car east of Broome, is the town closest to Broome. Draws here include the bucket list Gibb River Road and sad but educational Boab Prison Tree.

However, maybe you rather leave civilisation behind?

To get back to the basics, there are a few really unique and isolated places to stay near Broome. These isolated gems cater to Broome visitors who want an escape from the escape.

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat

Hidden south of Broome, the sustainable Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat blends in brilliantly with the coastline. To the sound of soothing waves, bed down in a luxurious air-conditioned eco villa or spacious eco tent. Just across the dune, a lovely crescent-shaped beach awaits. Get some sand between your toes; then plunge into the retreat’s Indian Ocean-faced infinity pool — you’ll never want to leave.

Getting there: Cruise for 1.5 hours to get from Broome to Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat. While most of the drive is on the Great Northern Highway, the final 13-km stretch is unsealed and, though generally 2WD accessible during the dry season, more unpredictable.

Broome Bird Observatory

Broome Bird Observatory is a research and education facility, focusing on the rich birdlife of the Kimberley region. Join a birdwatching tour to explore hundreds of bird species; especially keep an eye out for the rare yellow chat, a bucket list species in the Broome area. Accommodations are basic and certainly not for those who crave for luxury, but all the gorgeous winged visitors make Broome Bird Observatory one of the most unique places to stay Broome.

Getting there: Though just over 30 km from Broome CBD, the corrugated and sandy Crab Creek Road can be a challenge for 2WD visitors. Therefore, a 4WD vehicle is advised.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

At the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm lets you immerse in the pearling trade, which has played such a major role in Broome’s history. Pick your favorite(s) from an impressive line-up of Cygnet Bay experiences, ranging from land-based discovery tours to on-the-water expeditions.

For maximum convenience, the Pearler’s Village, encompassing an array of modern safari tents, puts you within steps of the reception, homestead restaurant and lovely pool.

Getting there: It’s a 2.5-hour journey, all sealed except for the final 3-km driveway, from Broome to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. The Pearler’s Village area is accessible by 2WD, but pay attention to that you need a 4WD to reach the Diver’s Creek end of the property.

Are there more pearl farms near Broome? Yes, Willie Creek Pearl Farm, 38 km north of Broome CBD, is a closer option. Against the backdrop of the amazingly blue Willie Creek, enthusiastic guides share everything there’s to know about pearling.

Tips for your Broome stay

  • Book your hotel early – The best hotels in Broome sell out in advance; heck, sometimes even the entire town of Broome sells out. Because of the astounding remoteness, the closest hotel can be many hours away when that happens. So do yourself a favor and book your Broome accommodation sooner rather than later.
  • Make other reservations – With lodging secured, consider making restaurant and tour reservations beforehand too. Several popular venues, including Matsos’s Brewery, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and Willie Creek Pearl Farm, encourage you to make reservations ahead of time.
  • Be sun smart – Broome has a tropical climate, and the sun is strong here even in the midst of winter. So to save yourself from pain, cover up or avoid the sun during midday.
  • Review distances – The huge distances of the Kimberley region shock international visitors and Aussies alike. Remember that this sparsely populated slice of Australia is twice the size of Victoria and roughly as big as California. It maybe doesn’t look far on a map, but i most often is.

Where to stay in Broome FAQ

Is it better to stay in Cable Beach or Broome CBD?

If you want a beach holiday, the elegant Cable Beach is the best place to stay in Broome. In contrast, Broome CBD provides more attractions and, good or bad, a setting feeling more real than the polished Cable Beach environment.

How many days is enough in Broome?

For Broome alone, 3 or 4 days lets you see all the sights without hurrying around. Add time for fun in the sand and sun or if you plan day trips across the region.

Do you need a car to get around Broome?

With a car, you get the freedom to explore both Broome and its surroundings on your own terms. However, Broome Explorer Bus, connecting Broome CBD and Cable Beach, makes up an affordable alternative way of getting around Broome.

What is the best month to visit Broome?

Broome has two distinct seasons: Dry season runs from May to October and wet season from November to April. Sunny days and comfy temperatures ranging between 17–31°C (63–88°F) makes the dry season the best time to visit Broome.

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